Ristorante Miramare a Palinuro

Ristorante tipico

Restaurant overlooking the sea

Our “Miramare” restaurant offers a traditional Mediterranean cuisine which at the same time is light and refined, being created with genuine ingredients and characterized by a delicate and refined taste. Our cuisine’s preferred style is a superb blend of simple recipes created with fresh and high-quality ingredients and inspired by the culinary traditions of our Cilento coast, yet open to contemporary influences regarding food and wellbeing. For his cuisine, only the best of the best ingredients are allowed: a selection of top-quality extra-virgin olive oils, fish, meat, fresh vegetables and fruits. The nutritional model of the "Mediterranean diet" is the basis of our dishes: it  was elaborated  by Angel Keys, the famous nutrition expert, whose studies conducted on the population of the Cilento, allowed to conclude that it is actually healthy.

Our cuisine draws inspiration from both the local cuisine and the traditions of other Italian coastal regions to create exquisite dishes with a perfect balance in taste, smell and colour. Besides this, our cuisine is characterized by the specialized application of a selection of the best-pressed olive oils, the use of low-fat meat and fish, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Thanks to “zero footprint” sustainable approach, our guests have the opportunity to enjoy the true taste of local cuisine. The products of the land are delivered every day fresh and rich in vitamins to the hotel kitchen, ready to be quickly transformed into tasty dishes.

Every day, in the morning, we wait for the outcome of the nocturnal catch of the fishing-boat trawl and if it is successful, our chef personally selects the best fish to offer our guests: the fortunate will enjoy a true taste of our local sea . To seal the goodness and wholesomeness of our food, we also have a large selection of fine wines, local and otherwise.

During the warm seasons, you will taste our dishes on the terrace,(for ex. to dine by candlelight) or enjoy a drink exciting for the beautiful sea over the promontory of Palinuro in the same time.

And in winter in the familiar warmth of the fireplace, the restaurant offers the pleasures of the table and the pleasant feeling of the meal as it was in the past.

Le tue vacanze al mare nel Cilento

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